Coronavirus: How Providers Are Using Patientfy to Communicate with Patients

W e are deeply saddened by the global coronavirus outbreak and have worked closely with our healthcare clients and partners to ensure effective communication between them and their patients.

In light of the global coronavirus outbreak, reaching patients with timely information matters now more than ever.

Many Patientfy clients’ front offices have been flooded with inquiries related to COVID-19. But answering every single patient inquiry simply isn’t possible. Patientfy clients have reached out to us to determine the best strategies for effectively reaching their patients regarding the coronavirus.

Here’s how Patientfy clients are reaching their patients about the coronavirus.

1. Realtime Website Updates

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With Patientfy, our clients have the ability to deploy website enhancements in almost real-time. As a result of this feature, several Patientfy clients have updated their websites with alerts to inform patients prior to their appointment about special precautions regarding COVID-19.

Examples range from:

• Welcome page with COVID-19 resources
• Dedicated COVID-19 FAQs pages
• Custom Appointment guidelines
• Landing pages

2. Smart Website Forms

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Patientfy simplifies patient admission through intelligent website contact forms. Through this feature, Patientfy clients are able to quickly organize and review website messages based on “keywords”. As a result, front office teams are able to quickly review patient communications related to terminology related to COVID-19 and respond in a timely manner.

3. Telemedicine Integration

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Over 60% of our Patientfy clients have adopted telemedicine. Today we are helping our clients embed telemedicine right on their website in less than a day. Telemedicine visits are allowing providers to treat patients while minimizing potential exposure to healthcare workers and other patients.

4. Social Media Automation

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Patientfy clients benefit from social media management which allows for the quick dissemination of information to large audiences in their community. Due to the popularity of social media, some of our clients receive up to 50 social media messages per day. To address this need, Patientfy clients are using our social media bots to help educate patients about the virus, direct them to further information, and provide the latest information on how they’re handling the epidemic.

5. Targeted Email Campaigns

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When our Patientfy clients need to reach larger groups of patients, they use email campaigns. Today, with the help of our dedicate support team, Patientfy clients have quickly created landing pages on the coronavirus that answer a range of common questions, such as “What are the symptoms of COVID-19?” and “What should I do if I think I have COVID-19?”.

Patientfy clients have taken these custom landing pages and included them in their email campaigns to direct their patients to important information.

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