Client Reviews

We deliver results. See why healthcare providers switch and stay with Patientfy.

These are some of our success stories.

Dental Practice

"Our patients continue to share how easy it is to navigate our custom website, pay online and schedule appointments."

- Dr. Phil K., Dentist

Pediatric Clinic

"With Patientfy we integrate our website and patient communications. It is easy and it is helping us grow."

- Dr. Faye L., Pediatrics Clinic

Ambulatory Anesthesia

"Patientfy built our website from scratch and has been managing all the security complexities for us. We use Patientfy to expand our practice reach to zip codes beyond our office through high Google rankings."

- Dr. Andrew C., Anesthesiologist

Urgent Care Clinic

One of the best business decisions we've made was to hire Patientfy. Our website stays updated, secure, & on page 1 of Google. With this improved & streamlined presence we continue to attract more patients & improve the user experience for existing patients."

- Dr. Edward B., Urgent Care Doctor

Physician Clinic

"With Patiently’s help, social media reviews get answered. This helps us empower our team to keep doing what we do best - providing a top-tier patient-centered experience."

- Dr. Maria B., Doctor

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We build healthcare websites for small to large practices including clinics, health systems and hospitals.

With a focus on technology and security, Patientfy offers versatile web design solutions and HIPAA-compliant patient communication that delivers results.

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