HIPAA Hosting

Host your healthcare website in a HIPAA compliant server that scales as you grow.

  • 24/7/365 engineering support
  • Wholly owned core data centers
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Secure your website with HIPAA compliant hosting.

HIPAA compliant web infrastructures for HIPAA compliant healthcare websites.

  • Locked server cabinets
  • Fully managed servers
  • Wholly owned core data centers
  • Continuous backups
  • cPanel administration
  • Disk safe data encryption
  • DDOS attack protection
  • Prevent botnet communications
  • Block illegitimate traffic
  • 24/7/365 On-Site Support
  • Firewall support
  • Migration support

HIPAA hosting for Healthcare professionals.

We offer HIPAA compliant hosting for small to large practices including clinics, health systems and hospitals.

With a focus on technology and security, Patientfy offers versatile HIPAA compliant hosting that powers up and secures your healthcare website.

Physicians, Dentists and
any Specialists
Ambulatory and
EMT Services
Surgery Clinics and
Urgent Care
Hospitals and
Health Agencies
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