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Get $300 for each referral that becomes a Patientfy customer.

Meet the Patientfy referral program.

There's no limit to how many referrals you can submit.

1. Submit Your Referral

Refer a healthcare professionals that you know.

2. Your Referral Signs Up

Once your referral signs up, we will contact you.

3. Get Rewarded

Get a $300 credit in your next billing cycle.

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Frequently asked questions.

1) How many referrals can I send?
There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can submit.
2) What if my referral already contacted Patientfy?
Qualifying referrals must be an introduction to an account that is not actively engaged with the Patientfy sales team.
3) What if my referral does not sign up?
Referrals that do not become customers are not eligible for rewards.
4) Who is eligible to submit referrals?
Any healthcare practice employee that is a Patientfy customer can submit a referral, provided they are not an employee or family member of the referred company.
5) How can I check the status of a referral?
You can email for more information on the status of your referral.

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